Corrections Division

The Corrections Division is the largest division of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office who’s main purpose is to maintain the safety and security of all persons incarcerated in the Lorain County Jail. The County jail is virtually a small city with in-house medical staff, mental health staff, and infirmary, on site full scale laundry, professional kitchen, library, maintenance and janitorial workers, chaplain and a contract commissary service.

The Corrections Division receives inmates from the police agencies in the county, the Ohio Department of Corrections for parole violations, the Probation Department for probation violations and the Lorain County Common Pleas & Municipal Courts.

The quick and accurate processing of those incarcerated is accomplished with the use of digital imaging and digital fingerprint scanning. This equipment ensures fast and precise identification of persons arrested by electronically transmitting fingerprints to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) in central Ohio. All bookings are computerized. A video arraignment program used for for the Municipal courts reduce the security risks and cost of transporting inmates.

The Lorain County Jail is a full service jail that can house 422 male and female prisoners.

The general duties of a corrections officer include maintaining security within the facility, physically patrolling and visually inspecting the facility and housing areas to ensure safety and security of staff and residents, perform searches of physical premises and cells for contraband, observing residents directly and indirectly being observant for unusual or abnormal activity, and complying with and enforcing security procedures.

Inmate Information

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