Correctional Emergency Response Team

Our Mission

The way to respond to hostile and violent situations has dramatically changed over the past several years. Simply “running and reacting” to a dynamically developing situation is dangerous and unsafe for both the officer’s and the inmates involved.

The Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) began deploying a tactical response versus an unorganized reaction as an additional security barrier within the Lorain County Jail. Although staff and supervisors use presence and dialogue to handle and control most disruptions within a correctional facility, some instances require specialized personnel, training, and equipment.

Within every jail or prison there is the potential for inmates to become disruptive, violent, or even riotous in nature. CERT is trained for difficult cell extractions and searches. CERT is founded upon a team concept and is made up of highly motivated and experienced Correction Officers.

Each member is required to complete an intense tactical training program which demands physical strength and mental concentration during emergency situations. Team members continue training by participating in monthly tactical exercises and are expected to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Correctional Emergency Response Team represents the future of corrections in Lorain County. The men and woman of the CERT Team are an elite group dedicated to the preservation of life and the presence of order within the Lorain County Jail.