Electronic Fingerprinting

WebCheck is an electronic fingerprint background check and is used by agencies for a more comprehensive background check.  This check is an actual criminal history background check.  Individuals must appear in person and must bring a photo ID, preferably an Ohio driver’s license with their date of birth. 

There are three different WebCheck transactions available, dependent on the need of the agency requesting the check.  The requesting agency must specify which checks(s) are needed and where the results are to go.  The fees for the checks and their contents are listed below. 

·         BCI check – $27.00 – This check covers only criminal history information in the State of Ohio.  A BCI check can be conducted on anyone who requests it.

·         FBI check – $30.00 – This check covers criminal history information nationwide.  An FBI check can only be conducted when State law requires the FBI check. 

·         BCI/FBI check – $57.00 – This combination of checks may be required by the requestor.

Payment accepted – Money orders only.  NO CASH


For more information concerning WebCheck you can visit the Ohio Attorney General’s website at


Fiprinting Information

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office also provides fingerprinting services to the public on fingerprint cards.  The cost of the service is $5.00 per card and the fingerprint card must be supplied by the requestor.  Fingerprinting will be conducted Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Cash payment only.

** Local background checks are done for a $3.00 fee **