Sex Offender Enforcement Unit

Our Mission

The purpose and function of the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office Sexual Offender Enforcement Unit is to maintain an accurate database of the convicted sex offenders throughout the cities, townships and villages of Lorain County.  This is conducted by enforcing scheduled registrations of the offenders and verifying the offender’s address and place of employment.

Dependant on the offender’s classification, an offender will be required to register every 90/180/365 days.  The offender must register in person with the Lorain County Sheriff or his designee no later than the date specified on his/her duties to register form.  The form is explained at each and every registration to the offender.  After each registration, Deputies assigned to the Sexual Offender Enforcement Unit verify that the address given by the offender is in fact the address where the offender resides.  This requires the Deputies to personally meet with the offender at his/her residence.  The address is considered verified once the Deputies are satisfied that the offender provided accurate information during their required registration.

Deputies assigned to the Sexual Offender Enforcement Unit investigate complaints from the public concerning Convicted Sex Offenders not in compliance with the Law.  When an offender is not in compliance and does not register in person at the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office for his/her scheduled appointment, every attempt is made to locate the Offender and regain their compliance. Sex Offenders that remain out of compliance will be handled by the Lorain County Grand Jury or respective Court for charges to be filed against him/her.

Currently Deputies assigned to the Sexual Offender Enforcement Unit monitor and keep track of approximately 720 active registrants.  They average approximately 40 home visits (verifications) each week in the Cities, Townships and Villages of Lorain County.  These verifications are done because it is the offender’s scheduled registration time or the offender has moved between registration periods.