Law Enforcement Division

The most important resources within the Law Enforcement Division are the people. Our primary goal is to maintain a professional, highly trained and well-educated force of deputies to provide the community with the highest level of police service and protection. The Law Enforcement Division provides round the clock law enforcement and response to calls for the entire unincorporated area (357 square miles) of Lorain County.

This division consists of Deputies assigned to one of three shifts and handles the initial response to 911 calls and dispatched calls for service from the public. They deal with all types of calls and complete the initial report of criminal activity.

They are the most visible police presence in the community and it is their job to provide primary law enforcement services to the public 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year.

Deputies are trained to quickly respond, assess, and manage all kinds of situations. Deputies also handle a great number of routine public assistance calls and assist other agencies in times of public emergency such as fire, flood, or other disasters.

Detective Bureau 

The Detective Bureau consists of Deputies whose primary responsibility is the follow up investigation of crimes.  In addition, other local, state and nationwide agencies contact us for assistance and information. The Bureau consists of various units dealing with homicide, robbery, burglary, assault, sex crime investigations. Specialists in truth verification and evidence processing are also assigned to this section.

Deputies assigned as investigators have specialized training in crime scene processing, interviewing techniques, composite drawing, fingerprint lifting & analysis and surveillance skills. The Bureau works in close conjunction with local, state and federal forensic laboratories and maintains a constant working relationship with other investigative agencies. When requested, the Detective Bureau assists other local police agencies with investigations or operations. Bureau operations are Monday-Friday PH: (440) 329-3742