Environmental Crimes Unit

Our Mission

The goal of the Environmental Crimes Unit is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Lorain County through education and enforcement. Littering and the illegal dumping of garbage and tires is a growing problem that presents serious environmental and public health concerns for the residents of Lorain County.

Trash and tire piles present the ideal living and breeding environment for rats, mice and other rodents, ticks, flies and mosquitoes that transmit disease.  In addition, illegally dumped material presents the risk of physical injury resulting from contact with broken glass, sharp metal, and biological and chemical waste. Wastes also attract animals that may carry rabies, such as stray dogs, raccoons, and cats.

Many materials that are illegally dumped contain toxic or hazardous substances that can threaten surface or groundwater supplies.  Trash, and especially tires, can catch on fire and cause air pollution that can harm the health of persons exposed to the fumes, and also damage the environment.  Decaying garbage and yard waste dumped in residential areas can create unpleasant odors and contribute to the impression that the entire neighborhood is in decline and impact property values.  

Open dumps are found along secondary roads, utility rights-of-way, watercourses, on abandoned lots, in open fields, near construction sites and along railroad tracks.  Often the property owner is unaware that the dumping is occurring.  However, the property owner is ultimately responsible for the proper disposal of any solid waste deposited on his/her property.Illegal open burning causes harmful pollutants to be released into the air. This also impacts the quality of air people breathe on a daily basis, especially those with breathing difficulties. Burning garbage emits foul odors that make life unpleasant for those in the affected area. If you would like to report or inquire about littering, dumping and environmental crimes please use the contact tab and select Environmental Crime Unit