Bike Unit

Our Mission

Prior to the invention of the automobile, most law enforcement agencies patrolled on foot, horse or bicycle. The contact and the communication with the public was at an all time high and subsequently crime was at an all time low. As technology progressed, police officers were taken off of their beats and put into cars that could respond to calls for service in larger areas. As the police officers patrol area expanded, the officer’s spent the majority of their time responding to calls for service.

Law enforcement agencies all over the United States have duly noted the loss of communication and cooperation that once existed between themselves and their communities and are taking steps to bridge this gap. This is being done through the re-introduction of bicycle units into the community.

The Lorain County Prosecutors Office under former Prosecutor Greg White, purchased two Police bicycles, creating the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office Bike Unit. The Bike Unit consists of four deputies who have received specialized training in bicycle patrol, ride high-tech mountain bikes and wear the latest in lightweight uniforms.

The strength of the unit is that it is a highly visible tool for community safety and commercial security, while having the ability to patrol residential, commercial and business areas, and perform other duties quickly and quietly.

Bike patrol deputies target problem areas and are continually in immediate contact with the public via their bicycles while patrolling neighborhoods, mobile home parks, business districts and other small communities. Patrolling high crime or problem areas on bicycles allows the deputies to see and hear more than they ordinarily would if patrolling in a patrol car and most of the complaints or calls for service answered by the Bike Unit are self-initiated.

You may see the Bike Patrol Deputies in your neighborhood or at your business. Remember that they are also there at night. You probably won’t see them then, and neither will the prowlers and burglars they arrest until it’s too late!