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Captain Heath Tester
Lieutenant Heath Tester Contact Information:
Phone: 440-329-3737
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Lieutenant Heath Tester attended the University of Akron for Criminal Justice/Political Science. After completing the Police Academy he began his Law Enforcement career in the Ottawa County area in 1994. In 1996 Heath started with the L.C. Sheriff’s office as a Deputy Sheriff assigned to the Road Patrol Division. In 1998 he became a certified Field Training Officer. Lt. Tester is also a certified O.P.O.T.A Instructor, a Defensive Tactic Instructor and a Straight Handle Baton Instructor. Since 2001 Lt. Tester has been a member of the L.C. Swat Team, where he is currently the Tactical Team Leader. In 2005 Heath was promoted to Sergeant in the Law Enforcement Road Patrol Division. In July 27, 2014 Heath was promoted to Lt. where he was overseeing the Road Patrol, Court House operations and the Detective Bureau. On September 2, 2018 Heath was promoted to Captain and worked over at Drug Task Force. Then on February 4, 2019 was brought back over to the LCSO and put in charge of Detective Bureau.