Inmate Information
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Visitation Rules

ALL VISITS are no more than thirty (30) minutes.

ONLY ONE (1) VISIT per week

1)   Any visitor that is identified as being Formerly Incarcerated in this Jail will not be permitted to visit with an inmate.  A visitation week runs from Monday thru Sunday.  For example, if you have a visit on Tuesday, that is your visit for the week and you cannot have another visit until the start of the new visitation week which begins on the following MONDAY.

2)   Only two (2) public visitors will be permitted to visit with an inmate.  Once the first visitor has entered into a visit with an inmate, the thirty (30) minute time starts.  If a second visitor arrives and enters the visitation room with the first visitor and ten (10) minutes of the visit has elapsed, the second visitor will only receive the balance of time left. Which in the example would be twenty (20 minutes). 

3)   There are nineteen (19) public visitation stations available for use.  Any visitor requesting to visit with an inmate will be placed in the first available visitation station.  If all public or inmate stations in the housing area where the inmate you are requesting to visit are in use, you will incur a waiting period and be afforded your visit on a first come first serve basis if you choose to wait.

4)   There is no restriction on when you must come to visit, unless the inmate you are requesting to visit is not classified as General Population and falls into Administrative Segregation I or II, Lockup/DCU, Isolation 1,2,3, or Juvenile classifications.  You can arrive for a visit during any of the time periods listed.  If the inmate has already received a visit for that week, no other visits will be granted.  It is the responsibility of the visitor to arrive for visitation in a timely manner.  All visits no matter the time entering will terminate at the posted ending time.  For example, if visitation for General Population inmates ends at 11:30am, the visit will be terminated 11:30am, regardless of the time you entered. Remember, it is your responsibility to arrive in a timely manner.

5)   Proper identification must be presented prior to a visitation.  If the proper identification is not presented, the VISIT WILL NOT BE GRANTED.

6)   Inmates will no longer be required to submit a visitation list for persons who they wish to be approved for visits.
7)   Visitors under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Parent or guardian must
accompany the person under the age of eighteen into the visitation station and remain with them during the entie visit.