Race Against Drugs Program
The Lorain County Sheriff's Office in it's continuing effort to confront the drug problem of today's youth have developed a unique educational tool. This program is directed at the high school students to reinforce the D.A.R.E. program goals that teach the ability to avoid drugs and alcohol.

The program centers around the 1966 Corvette "DARE" car formally owned by a drug dealer who was caught and convicted. His car was forfeited as part of his sentence and was used as an undercover car until it was no longer effective. It was then decided to use the Corvette in a more pro-active approach by providing students something directly to relate with at an age when energies are sometimes mis-directed.

The entire project has been the result of the intertwining of the business and law enforcement communities to seek a common goal. "TO EDUCATE AND TO ERADICATE DRUGS FROM THE SCHOOLS, HOMES AND WORK PLACE."

To effectively convey the message that drugs are not the answer. We need to teach this in the schools and also visibly reinforce this message where young adults congregate away from the schools. By approaching the student in their environment, a greater impact may be made.

The Corvette is displayed at car shows, malls and special events in and around Lorain County where the youth tend to go and meet. It is also displayed at most Lorain County Sheriff's Office D.A.R.E. and C.A.P. events.

This same type of program has met with success in the southern and western states and is a method which gets the attention of the young adults and provides another format to deliver the anti-drug message.

NO TAX DOLLARS WERE USED TO BUILD THIS VEHICLE, all the materials and time it took to construct the Corvette were DONATED

For more information you can contact Deputy Tony Kovacs at (440) 329-3732.