Lorain County Sheriff's Office Accepting Applcations for Auxiliary Officers
Posted: 11/06/2017

Sheriff Phil R. Stammitti is proud to announce the next training class for the Sheriff's Auxiliary.  The class is tentatively scheduled to begin on January 16, 2018.


The Sheriff's Auxiliary was organized in 1957.  Over the years the Auxiliary has proven to be a dedicated and efficient volunteer organization.
The Auxiliary is composed of volunteers whose objective is to augment the strength of the Sheriff's Office and be a supplement to regular staff of Deputies and Corrections Officers. The class is open to all persons who are 19 and older, have a high school diploma, are citizens of the United States and are of impeccable character.  
The Sheriffs Auxiliary donate hours to the Sheriffs Office and the citizens of Lorain County. These hours are accumulated in three basic areas of duty.


Cruiser Duty: Those meeting requirements and training are permitted to ride with regular Deputies of the

                      Sheriffs Office. This assignment provides the capability of  having two person patrol cars in the

                      county. Their responsibility is to augment the Road Deputy in the performance of his / her duties.

Jail Duty:         To augment the Corrections Officer in the performance of his / her duties in the Correctional

                        Facility. The duties and responsibilities of person working in the Correctional Facility are  

                        prescribed by law and are very demanding.


Special Duty:  To assist with traffic control and security at special functions such as the  Lorain County Fair

                        and numerous other events and festivals throughout the county.


Applicants for the Sheriff's Auxiliary will be required to pass a background check and interviewed by The Auxiliary Command Staff. Upon acceptance, the applicant will be required to successfully complete the Auxiliary Training Academy which consists of 110 hours of procedures, self defense search and seizure and Ohio Law.


Anyone interested in becoming a Sheriff’s Auxiliary Officer can obtain an application by either choosing the below link or at the visitors lobby window of the Lorain County Sheriffs Office at 9896 Murray Ridge Road, Elyria Ohio.  The application deadline is December 31, 2017.

 Any questions can be directed to Captain Harold Clem at :  440-329-3726 or 440-731-9054