Frequently Asked Questions
Who is responsible for the sale's description?
The Sheriff’s Department relies on information submitted to it by the Plaintiff in preparation for the Sheriff’s sale and deed. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check the real estate and its legal description for any encroachments and/or deficiencies in order that the Sheriff’s deed complies with the Standards for Land Conveyances in Lorain County.
Copies of these Standards for Land Conveyances are available in the office of the Lorain County Auditor.
PLEASE note that starting with the sale ads of 03-25-2009 the legal description of the property will not be included on the sale ad. A complete description of the legal can be found at the following locations.
1. Lorain County Clerk of Courts – 225 Court Street, Elyria Ohio – room 109 (case file)
2. Lorain County Recorder’s Office – 226 Middle Ave, Elyria Ohio
3. Lorain County Recorder’s Website –
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